Argentinian Channel Swimmers at Folkestone pool; Abertondo, Artuz & Javy

Argentinian Channel Swimmers at Folkestone pool

Argentinian Channel Swimmers at Folksestone Swimming Pool Black and White Photograph. Image shows members of the Argentinian Channel swimming team, who took part in the Daily Mail Cross Channel Race in 1950. Members included Carlos Artuz, pictured second on the left, and Abertondo, 2nd from right. Javy on far right. The team are pictured with Major C.E. Thomas (centre with tie) an instructor at Folkestone Swimming Club where they prepared for the race.

Abertondo was the first person to complete a two-way non-stop swim of the English Channel, in 1961. His time for the swim was 43 hours 10 minutes. Abertondo was sponsored by the Argentine Government.

Abertondo made one unsuccessful attempt – on Aug 7th 1950 (time 25 hours), giving up  one mile from England. 

His other successes were; the Aug 22 1950 and Aug 16 1951 Daily Mail races. He was placed 8th and 14th; and the Aug 21 1954 Billy Butlin race. He was placed sixth.

In 1950 he swam 168 miles down the river Plate in 61 hrs. He once swam 291 miles down the Mississippi River in 3 days, 9 hours.

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