Bob Paysour, Damian Piza Beltran and Ned Barnie at breakfast in Folkestone

Bob Paysour -USA-

Butlin’s International Channel Swim, 1954, Folkestone, Kent. Bob Paysour U.S.A., on the left, shaking hands with Ned Barnie, Great Britain, Damien Pinza Beltran of Mexico watching.

Robert Frederic Paysor, USA, had two unsuccessful swims, both France- England, 14th August 1952, time 12hrs 15mins, and then swam in the Billy Butlin swim 21st August 1954, time 12hrs 40mins.

He swam 22 miles upstream in the Catawba River, 1950.

Ned Barnie was the first Scotsman to swim the Channel in 1950, time 14hrs 45mins, in the Daily Mail Race. He was the first man to swim it in both directions in 1951; the first swim was England to France, 19hrs 02mins and the second was in the Daily Mail swim in 15hrs 01mins. He made 6 unsuccessful attempts between 1952 to 1956. 

Damian Piza Beltran, of Mexico was unsuccessful; he swam for 5 hours, and at the date of the swim was 36 years old. In 1955 he again swam in a Billy Butlin swim and was one of the four finishers in that race, his swim time was 15hrs and 8mins. He was also successfull in 1953 in a time of 15hrs. 23mins. It was an independant swim. He was the first Mexican to swam the Channel. He doubled up on film for Johnny Weissmuller, in the Tarzan films. He was also a crooner in a Night Club.

A Black and White photograph. From the Sam Rockett collection.

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