Butlin’s International Channel Swim Lady entrants 1954; James, Fisher, Kamersgaard and Feather

From Left

Butlin’s International Channel Swim Lady entrants, 1954. There were sixteen entrants in the 1954 race. The Ladies were, from the left: Jenny James (Jenny was sick and never started), Brenda Fisher, Jenny Kammersgaard and Margaret Feathet

Jenny swam the Channel in the 2nd Daily Mail Race 1951 in a time of 13 hours 55 minutes, becoming the first Welsh woman to succeed; she was placed 12th, 4th woman.

She then entered the Billy Butlin 1953, 1954, 1955, and 1956 swims but did not swim for several reasons. She had one unsuccessful attempt in 1952 but was seasick after 2 hours 49 minutes. She was the first woman to swim the Bristol Channel both ways.

Brenda Fisher of Great Britain was successful, and the first Lady home in a time of 14hrs 25mins. Brenda was a very successful long distance swimmer; in 1948 she won the Morecambe Bay Championship and in 1951 she was the first Lady home in a new record time of 12hrs 42mins – she recieved a trophy from Eva Peron for being the first lady home.

In 1954 she was the first lady home, her time was 14hrs 36mins. In 1956 she swam Lake Ontario in a new record time of 18hrs 51mins. Also in 1956 she was the first lady home in the Nile Swim. In 1957 she swam for 15hrs 25mins. in the Billy Butlin Swim.

Jenny Kammersgaard of Denmark swam for 14hrs 50mins before retiring. Her swims include Kattaget, Sea land to Jutland 1937, Baltic to Jutland 1937, Denmark to Germany 1938.

She was the first woman to swim the channel Breast stroke. She made two successful swims, both Daily Mail; she was the last lady in both races, in 1950 she swam for 16hrs 27mins, the second women swimmer to finish and the last successful swmmer to finish, 15 swimmers failed. In 1951 she swam in 15hrs 38mins.

She swam two individuals in 1952, without success and one in 1954.

Margaret Feather was a competitor for the 1954 Butlins race. She was successful, her time was 16hrs 23mins. She finished in fourth place, second female.

She was unsuccessful in the 1950, 1952 and 1953 races.

She has swum Morecambe Bay and in 1953 she was awarded the best woman for effort in the Nile Swim (only two finishers). She was the first woman to complete the Capri-Naples swim.

From the Sam Rockett collection. A Black and White Photograph.

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