Illustrated Capt. Webb obituary from The Graphic magazine

Illustrated Capt. Webb obituary from The Graphic magazine

Captain Matthew Webb Obituary with illustrations, The Graphic, August 4 1883. Image shows page 113 of The Graphic reporting the death of Channel swimmer Captain Matthew Webb, at Niagara Rapids, July 24 1883.

The article details Webb’s life and achievements, and is accompanied by two illustrations. The first is a portrait taken from a photograph by Elliot and Fry. The second is an engraving of the whirlpool at the foot of Niagara Falls, the spot where Webb was last seen, taken from a sketch by Mr. W.S. Friend.

The description of the tragic feat that took his life reads: “At one moment he was lifted high on the crest of a wave, and the next he sank into the awful hollow created. As the river became narrower, and still more impetuous, Webb would sometimes be struck by a wave, and for a few moments would sink out of sight. He, however, rose to the surface without apparent effort. But his speed momentarily increased, and he was hurried along at a frightful pace. At length he was swept into the neck of the whirlpool. Rising on the crest of the highest wave, he lifted his hands once, and then was precipitated into the yawning gulf. For one moment his head appeared above the angry waters, but he was motionless, and evidently at the mercy of the waves. he was again drawn under the water, and was seen no more alive. Some days later his body was found four miles below the fatal Rapids. It bore tokens of the fearful violence of the struggle which he had undergone.”

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