Mrs Millie Clemmington Corson and her successful team

Photograph taken in the Granville Gardens Pavilion.Trainer Bill Kellingley is to the left and H.W Pearson the pilot is to her right, with her Husband behindMillie made two unsuccessful attempts on the Channel ,The first unsuccessful,  was England to France, she swam for 14hrs. 30mins. she was two miles off France, at Sangatte. The second swim she was successful, she swam from France starting at Cap-Gris-Nez and finished at Shakespeare Beach, her time was 15 hrs. and 28mins. on the 27th. August,1926. She again attempted to swim from England to France. Starting from the South Foreland she swam for 9hrs.40mins. She was 4miles from France.William Kellingley was a leading figure in long distance swimming,he was the Brighton one mile Champion, and the winner of the half mile Championship. He trained Millie Corson, Jabez Wolffe, In 1924 he trained Miss  Lillian Harrison, an Argentine Distance Swimmer, in 1924. The Zittenfield twins, Frank Perks who swam for ten hours in his France to England attempt. He also trained Mrs Myrtil Huddlestone, she swam for 21hrs. 13mins.the attempt was England to France, she still had 7 miles to go to Cap-Gris-Nez. He also trained Edouard Bernat, and he swam for 15hrs, from Shakespeare Beach. Captain George Morris, Miss Eva Morrison, and lastly George Brewster. who later swam in the 1950 Mail Race.

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