Finishers of Daily Mail Race and veteran Ned Barnie sets off (2 photos)

Photograph of public aclaim top

Public acclaim for successful Channel swimmers (Sam Rockett, Major Zirganos, Antonio Abertondo, Eileen Fenton, Roger Le Morvan, Jenny Kammersgard and El Rehim) at the top, and veteran Ned Barnie sets off for another Channel swim at the bottom.

Ned Barnie was the first Scotsman to swim the Channel in 1950, time 14hrs 45mins, in the Daily Mail Race. He was the first man to swim it in both directions in 1951; the first swim was England to France, 19hrs 02mins and the second was in the Daily Mail swim in 15hrs 01mins. He made 6 unsuccessful attempts between 1952 to 1956

Eileen Fenton was the first lady home in 1950 Daily Mail Swim in a time of 15hrs 31mins. In the 1951 Daily Mail swim she retired after swimming for 12hrs 45mins. She had previously swam Morecambe Bay in 3hrs 44.5 minutes.

Jenny Kammersgaard of Copenhagen; swims include Kattaget, Sea land to Jutland 1937. Baltic to Jutland 1937. Denmark to Germany 1938. She was the first woman to swim the channel Breast stroke. She made two successful swims, both Daily Mail races, she was the last lady in both races; In 1950 she did 16hrs 27mins, was the second women swimmer to finish and the last successful swimmer to finish, 15 swimmers failed. In 1951 she swam in 15hrs 38mins. She swam two individuals in 1952, without success and one in 1954.

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