Bauer, Sally

Sally Bauer (Sweden)
29 July 1908 – 15 June 2001

Swedish swimmer Sally Bauer took part in the 1951 Daily Mail Cross Channel Race. Like many of the participants she prepared for the race at Folkestone Swimming Club. She was the sixteenth swimmer to finish. Her time was 14 hrs 40 mins.

She had also swam the channel on  Aug 27 1939, time 15 hrs 22 mins. Due to fear of the Second World War, Sally had to rush back home and her swim was unratified and not added to the Channel Swimming Association list untill 1975

She held 17 National freestyle records, from 200 meters to the mile. Sally had one child, Carl Axel Bauer. She swam the Straits of Aland between Sweden and Finland, a distance of 19 miles, in 13 hours 6mins

Swims by Bauer, Sally