Morris, Tom

Born 1897. A professional swimmer, resided at Albert-street, Parramatta, Australia. He had received a medal for numerous life-saving episodes. He later became an athletic instructor in Erskineville

The Referee, Wed 5 Jul 1922 11
Tom Morris, the Parramatta swimmer, lost no time in making himself and his mission known in England. A Sunday Times cable message runs thus: “London, Saturday.—Tom Morris, an Australian, has performed a sensational feat. He jumped off Westminster Bridge with his hands and feet tied, and swam in this condition to Cleopatra’s Needle, which is about half a mile away.

Tom Morris is a short, sturdy athlete, of great stamina, whose swimming exploits in the Parramatta district and in the Nepean River are well known to readers of The Referee. Prior to setting out for England he epitomised his ambitions thus:

“Everything comes to those who wait. And I have been waiting some time to get the chance to have a go at the English Channel swim. So my ambition will be fulfilled in the near future. I am to tour England, the Continent, etc, and will be away for two years. A suitable time is to be arranged for me to attempt the Channel swim before returning to the land of my birth, Australia. Jabez Wolffe, in a letter to me lately, says that on my performances, etc, and provided I can stay in the water for 12 or 14 hours, I stand a good chance of doing the feat, which I am confident of doing. Jabez Wolffe is not the person who is taking me in hand. Anyhow, I can only do my best, and that is all one can do at all times. I am to leave Sydney on May 16, by the RMS Ormuz, arriving in London about June 23, 1922. I will do my best to keep Australia in the limelight.”

Tom Morris, most confident of men, is keeping his promise. A little while back a prize of £1000 was offered in England for the man who swims the Channel. The money will tempt many, and we may be sure the Parramatta man will soon make his effort, it being mid-Summer in England just now. For some few years Morris has had an ardent desire to swim across the Channel. About three years ago he sent a challenge broadcast to the world of swim any many three races of five miles at back-stroke, breast-stroke, and free style. He said he was prepared to pay his own expenses and meet any man accepting the challenge in his own country.

Swims by Morris, Tom

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