Massed attack by swimmers on the Channel - Kingston Gleaner, Jamaica, May 29, 1929

DEAL. May 6—There is to be a massed attack by swimmers on the Channel this year, and already there is some activity in the various camps on this part of the coast. Most of the contestants to be first across will start from this side, which is generally considered to be the more difficult swim. The swimmers include E. H. Temme, Norman Derham, Miss Ivy Hawke. Miss “Laddie” Sharp, Mrs. Gill, E. Vierkotter (Germany), J. Helmy (Egypt), G. Michel (France) and C. Toth (U.S.A.) all of whom have already swum from France to England and are anxious to win the gold cup offered for the first competitor who succeeds in swimming from England to France. Other entrants include the American twins, Bernice and Phyllis Zitenfeld, who are due in England this month, Miss Beatrice Spears, the young Deal swimmer, and little Joan Brunton, the 11-year-old Dover girl. It is expected that Dr. Dorothy Logan and Miss Gleitze will also try their luck again.

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